Our Goals

From Conceptual design to Post-Start Up Operations, River City Engineering can help you every step of the way to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements to ensure a safe work environment and compliance with the 14 elements of PSM.

Our Services

  • PROCESS HAZARD ANALYSIS Our engineers are highly trained to identify and evaluate safety hazards, aided by their expertise in gas processing and in-depth knowledge of industry standards and regulations. We will work with your engineering and operations teams, as the PHA facilitator and scribe, or participate as the owner’s engineer to assess potential hazards, dangerous exposures, and safety risks. We are familiar with the many different PHA methodologies (HAZOP, LOPA, etc.) commonly used in the industry. In addition, we have developed our own efficient and effective RCE PHA methodology, based on API-14C.
  • OPERATOR TRAINING RCE conducts numerous operator training courses to inform operators about their facility and the process(es) that they must manage everyday. Our training courses provide thorough explanations of the process and optimization strategies. We identify and emphasize the potential risks and dangers of each operating system.
  • OPERATING PROCEDURES We work with many different gas process facilities to develop clear, well-instructed operating procedures for site-specific process(es). We engage with the operators to establish concise procedures consistent with plant operations, plant data, and plant process safety information (PSI).
  • PROCESS SAFETY INFORMATION RCE is capable of handling all your PSI requirements, whether it includes information on the process technology or information on the process equipment. We have extensive experience with developing Block Flow Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams, Piping and Instrument Diagrams, and more.