»The individual passion and ambition of each of our engineers combine to strengthen our team.

What We Do – Process Engineering

River City Engineering is a team of process engineers providing consulting services to our clients since its establishment in 1994 by our president, Kent Pennybaker. We are experts in the oil and gas industry, specializing in natural gas processing, cryogenic recovery plants, LNG plants, NGL fractionation facilities, and compressed natural gas plants. RCE has a wealth of experience with these processes as well as in process safety systems and management. RCE has performed all phases of design for these processes, from FEED to detailed design. In addition, RCE supports clients once the design phase is complete, providing engineering support during construction, commissioning, startup, operation, troubleshooting, and optimization.

The individual passion and ambition of each of our engineers combine to strengthen our team. Our extensive expertise and experience in the Oil and Gas Industry make RCE unique and the perfect candidate to further your goals in energy production. Our strong process engineering background makes RCE a compelling choice for process support across all industries where fluids and piping are found.

Industries Served – Process Support

RCE has international experience with projects in Indonesia, Trinidad and Tobago, the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela along with domestic projects in the United States. Working with a wide clientele has allowed us to understand how priorities and regulations change per the location of the project. As such, RCE is competent at discovering the client’s primary concerns and philosophies to prioritize them in our designs. We approach each task with focus and diligence—always keeping the goal in mind. Our client’s success motivates our team to think critically and to continuously pursue excellence in our industry.

  • Oil & Gas
    • LNG Facilities
    • Cryogenic Plants
    • Fractionation Plants
    • Compressor Stations
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Renewable Energy
    • Biogas
  • Safety
    • PHA facilitation
    • PSV studies
    • Operator Training
  • Other Industries
    • P&ID support