River City Engineering provides process support to projects of all sizes, from pilot facilities to full scale plants. Our process support covers a broad range of designs, both within the Oil and Gas industry and other industries requiring process expertise, such as water handling. Additionally, our support services can be for any length of project. We can assist with a specific segment of the project, or the entirety of the project from preliminary design through startup and beyond. 

Preliminary Design

  • Conceptual Studies
  • Process Simulation
  • Design and creation of Process Flow Diagrams
  • Design and creation of Process Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Equipment sizing 

Detailed Design

  • Design and creation of Process Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Develop Heat and Material Balances
  • PSV sizing and selection
  • Line sizing
  • Equipment specification sheet development and review
  • Control valve sizing and selection


  • Writing of Commissioning Checklists
  • Creation and implementation of Purge Procedures
  • Dryout simulation and Procedure, followed by implementation
  • Fill and Wash Procedures for liquid systems, such as Amine, Glycol, and Hot Oil


  • Development of Startup procedures, and Operating Procedures as a whole
  • Support the operations team on-site and remotely during startup activities
  • Troubleshooting as problems arise, either remotely or on-site per client preference