Our comprehensive capacity and debottlenecking studies help clients determine the limitations affecting their facility throughput. RCE has performed these studies for various facilities including cryogenic NGL plants, NGL fractionation plants, and NRU facilities among others. Let’s take a look at how RCE process engineers perform this work.

Inlet Condition Evaluation – Study Basis

As the first step in the study, we will gather data from your facility, which can be done either in person or remotely per client preference. Equipment specification sheets from the original design lead to the most accurate results. However RCE is able to work with an equipment faceplate as well for those facilities which don’t have detailed original design data, such as older facilities.

Part of the debottlenecking study may include the evaluation of any change in inlet conditions from the original design. Changes in inlet conditions can de-rate equipment design throughput and functionality. Some of the factors we evaluate are pressure, temperature, and composition, including water content.

Facility Data Match – Existing Capacity

The main portion of the study will examine each piece of equipment in the process. This is accomplished by creating a data match simulation for your facility. Our experienced process engineers will simulate the process from plant inlet to sales outlets or storage. If the client prefers, we can focus on a particular area or system of the plant, e.g. the cryo plant or the amine treating.

Maximizing Investment – Debottlenecking Opportunities

From these results, RCE will pinpoint which particular equipment is limiting capacity. Whether it is nozzle limitations, exchanger performance, expander off-design cases, or anything in between, our process engineers have the tools to evaluate the myriad of potential deficiencies in your facility. We will provide expected increase throughput for the recommended changes. This targeted approach allows our clients to maximize their dollars spent for the most impact. Additionally, RCE is capable of designing a new train depending on your particular capacity needs.

Contact us to discuss whether your facility could benefit from capacity and debottlenecking studies.