During a plant visit, RCE engineers noticed that the Refrigeration Economizer was operating at a pressure very close to that of the Refrigeration Accumulator. The Economizer pressure control valve (PCV) was shown to be 100% open on the control screens. During a subsequent plant walk down, RCE engineers noticed that the Economizer PCV was in fact closed. RCE engineers pointed this out to operations personnel who investigated and found that the air was turned off to the valve and the valve was a fail-closed valve. The plant had a turn-around about a month prior and for some reason the air was not turned back on for the valve. Operating without the Economizer resulted in the plant using approximately 25% more refrigeration horsepower than necessary. This occurred during the summer months when refrigeration was a limiting factor to recoveries. RCE engineers keeping their eyes open and using their experience to help our clients get the most out of their facilities!