• The Free State Brewing Co. – Lawrence, Kansas brewery.
  • NEOTERICS INTERNATIONAL – Neoterics International provides engineering and business
    development services to clients in the energy and chemical industries.
  • INTEC Engineering, Inc. – INTEC is an international consulting
    engineering firm specializing in innovative and cost effective
    solutions for oil and gas production and transportation.
  • EnerSea Transport LLC – EnerSea provides transportation and
    marketing services utilizing breakthrough VOTRANS(tm) Compressed
    Natural Gas (CNG) technology.
  • Diversified Projects, Inc. (DPI) – Engineering Design Services for
    the Oil and Gas Industry Since 1985.
  • Multiphase Solutions, Inc. – Advanced simulation technology for
    the design, operation, and control of multiphase pipelines.
  • Specialized Mechanical Equipment – Manufacturers’ agent for gas
    processing equipment (i.e. amine, dehydration units, brazed
    aluminum plate fin exchangers, etc.).
  • AQUAlibrium – Excellent gas hydrate web site. Extensive links page as
  • Gas Processors Association
  • Gas Processors Suppliers Association
  • CHART (ALTEC) – Brazed Aluminum Heat Plate-Fin Exchangers.
  • KOBE – Brazed Aluminum Heat Plate-Fin Exchangers.
  • Pittsburgh Corning – Foam Glass Insulation
  • Delphion – Search/Order Patents
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Free Patents Online
  • MSDS Solutions offers the most advanced online database,
    software and services for managing and distributing Material
    Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
  • Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – Start the search here at
    Vermont SIRI. Links to other sites as well.
  • News: sci.engr.chem